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FAMM VIDEO visually presents the stories of those most affected by counterproductive sentencing and prison policies.

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Sober and Stuck in Prison
He got sober and had turned his life around in a big way. But at sentencing, the judge couldn't take any of that into account. Now Jeff Woods sits in federal prison for years.
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“I Am Not a Kingpin”
Three women share how harsh mandatory minimum sentences have impacted their lives.
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Repeal, Don’t Celebrate, the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986
It's been over 30 years. Time to fix what isn't working.
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FAMM FACTS: Federal Drug Traffickers Overwhelming Nonviolent
Get the facts.
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Using Time to Reduce Crime
Prisoners spoke. We listened. Here is a video summary of the results from the first-ever federal prisoner survey.
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FAMM is working in your state!
This year, FAMM is working in more states than ever before. We're changing drug sentencing laws, convincing lawmakers not to create mandatory minimum sentences, and so much more.
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How It Feels to Have Your Life Sentence Commuted
Evans Ray was 12 years into a life sentence for a nonviolent drug offense when he received clemency. In this short video, he describes the way it felt when he heard the news.
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Frenemies for Sentencing Reform!
In Maryland, Republican Senator Michael Hough and Democrat Delegate Erek Barron have more in common than you might think. Despite their partisan differences, the two have come together to support one important issue: sentencing reform.
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Time Sensitive: A Compassionate Release Story
Compassionate release is denied to most who apply, despite rising health care costs in prison and the human dignity that aging prisoners deserve.
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Nobody Cared: A Compassionate Release Story
What is compassionate release? For the Rossin family, it was a last chance.
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Tim Heaphy: How Conspiracy Laws Work
Watch former federal prosecutor Tim Heaphy explain how conspiracy laws works.
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“I know exactly what they mean.”
Debi Campbell has seen our work from both sides—as a federal prisoner sentenced to almost two decades for a nonviolent drug offense, and as an advocate for reform with FAMM.
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Shocker: Who Really Sends People to Prison for Extreme Sentences?
Turns out a lot of judges hate mandatory minimum sentences as much as defendants do. You might be surprised at what they have to say about the issue.
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What Is Compassionate Release?
What is compassionate release? Can any prisoner apply? And what does it mean for taxpayers? Watch this quick explainer to learn more.
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Marijuana Sends First-Time Offender to Prison for 55 Years
Weldon Angelos, a first-time, low-level offender, was sentenced to 55 years in federal prison under mandatory sentencing laws created by Congress. In May of 2016, after receiving a reduction in sentence, Weldon returned home to his family.
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Judge’s Hands Are Tied, Calls Case the “Poster Child” Against Mandatory Minimums
The judge had no choice but to sentence Robyn Hamilton to a lengthy and unjust sentence.
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She Never Sold a Single Ounce for Profit
Shirley is serving a 10-year mandatory minimum sentence for her role in a methamphetamine conspiracy – which never sold a single ounce of the drug for profit and was only created to feed her addiction.
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