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FAMM VIDEO visually presents the stories of those most affected by counterproductive sentencing and prison policies.

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Matthew Charles: First Step, Second Chance
Matthew Charles, sent back to prison after being released due to prosecutors appealing his sentence reductions, was the first prisoner released under the First Step Act. Since, Charles has become an advocate for smart criminal justice reforms at every level. This bipartisan bill, passed by Congress and supported by President Trump, is seen as the early steps toward a true criminal justice system reform. His good friend, Naomi Tharpe, talks about what it's like to have a loved one incarcerated and how to remain hopeful.
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Boots on the Ground
Find out how you can make a difference in criminal justice reform and become one of the "boots on the ground."
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FAMM States Work in 2019
Molly Gill, Vice President of Policy for FAMM, talks about the plans for criminal justice reform in 2019.
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Matthew Davis: A Prayer for Compassion
Matthew Davis is an incarcerated veteran with heart problems. Now 68 years old, he has earned a theology degree and has a prison ministry--but on the two occasions that he applied for compassionate release, he was denied. What will happen the third time?
Our Work | Compassionate Release
Veda Ajamu: Warrior for Justice
Follow the journey of Veda Ajamu as she moves from shock to determination in her battle to free her brother from prison. Today Ajamu is a dedicated advocate of prison and sentencing reform.
Profiles | Mandatory Minimums
I Want to Be That Voice
Two families advocate for the reform of the drug-free school zone law that gave their loved ones an excessive mandatory minimum sentence.
Profiles | Drug-free school zone law
Compassionate Release: Not a Right or Left Issue
FAMM's bipartisan collection of prominent voices speaking in support of compassionate release for sick and elderly prisoners.
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No Ordinary Defendant: The Tragic Story of Michael Giles
Giles, who bravely served his country, will be nearly 50 years old when he is released from prison if he doesn’t receive some form of relief.
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Kevin Ring Welcomes Advocates to Rally
Our "Families for Justice Reform NOW" Rally brought together families and advocates from all over the nation and across the political spectrum. Families need relief from the burden that is the broken justice system, and they #cantwait any longer for reform.
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Sentenced to Die in There
Watch the story of Evans Ray, a Washington, D.C. native who served 12 years of a mandatory minimum life sentence for a nonviolent drug offense before receiving clemency from President Obama in 2016.
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Stephanie and Elizabeth Nodd on Shackling Women in Labor
Stephanie Nodd shares her experience giving birth to her daughter Elizabeth while shackled at Our Families for Justice Reform NOW Rally.
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The Need to Reform Arizona’s Mandatory Sentences
Conservative voices speak out on sentencing reform, including Grover Norquist (Americans for Tax Reform), Greg Glod (Right on Crime), Vikrant Reddy (Charles Koch Institute), Pat Nolan (American Conservative Union Foundation), Jason Pye (Freedom Works), David Keene (American Conservative Union), Arthur Rizer (R Street), and Greg Newburn (FAMM).
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Busta Rhymes on FAMM
Rapper and activist Busta Rhymes, in partnership with FAMM, #Cut50, React to Film, YWCA Brooklyn, and Sankofa, hosted a special community screening of “Survivors Guide to Prison,” on Saturday, April 7 at the YWCA Brooklyn in New York.
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Kennadi and Kendall Williams Share Their Story
Kennadi and Kendall Williams share their story at Our Families for Justice Reform NOW Rally. Families and advocates from all over the nation and across the political spectrum came to D.C. for the rally and to lobby Congress to fix the broken justice system. #cantwait
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Senator Rand Paul at FAMM Rally
Senator Rand Paul spoke out in support of prison reform at Our Families for Justice Reform NOW Rally. The rally brought together families and advocates from all over the nation and across the political spectrum. Families need relief from the burden that is the broken justice system, and they #cantwait any longer for reform.
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Conservatives agree: it’s time to reform Tennessee’s drug free school zone laws
"It was designed to prevent children from being involved in a drug deal, seeing drug had great intentions."
Experts | Drug-free school zone law
Child Abuse, Suicide Attempts, Drugs…Then a Heinous Prison Sentence
Nichole Forde's life was spiraling downward, culminating in a 27-year mandatory minimum prison sentence. Here's her story.
Our Work Profiles | Mandatory Minimums
James Forman: Fighting for Criminal Justice Part One
Dr. James Forman, author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning book "Locking Up Our Own: Crime and Punishment in Black America" and Yale Law Professor, speaks passionately about criminal justice in America with Kevin Ring, President of FAMM, and Erek Barron, Maryland State Delegate. Recorded at the office of Miller Chevalier in Washington, D.C. on May 24, 2018.
Experts | Mandatory Minimums
Enhancing Public Safety at Lower Cost: Why Pennsylvania Should Reject Mandatory Minimums
Pennsylvania policymakers must choose individualized, evidence-based approaches to sentencing over mandatory sentencing regimes.
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15 Years in Prison for Growing Marijuana
Paul Fields was a deadhead who made the bad decision to sell pot and received 15 years for a first-time offense. Happily, his sentence was commuted by President Obama in December 2016.
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