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FAMM in the Courts

Each year, in a cycle running from October to June, the U.S. Supreme Court hears and decides about 70 criminal and civil cases. Its opinions on these important cases clarify, change, limit, or enhance existing laws and constitutional rights. Sometimes, these appeals include legal challenges to sentencing laws, including mandatory minimums. Occasionally, FAMM will get involved in one of these appeals by working with outside lawyers to prepare and file a “friend of the court” (amicus) brief. The Supreme Court reads our brief when deciding the case and sometimes even cites it in the opinion!

FAMM does not provide legal advice or representation to people going through the criminal justice system or trying to get out of prison sooner. Defendants and prisoners should speak with a federal or state public defender or a private criminal defense attorney if they need legal help or think that filing an appeal in the U.S. Supreme Court may benefit them.

Here are some important U.S. Supreme Court cases, many of which FAMM has been involved in:

Pending Federal Court Cases

Decided Cases

Other Cases and Helpful Links:

  • U.S. Supreme Court — search the Court’s dockets for a case and read the Court’s latest opinions
  • SCOTUSblog — read commentary from Court experts and academics on pending cases
  • Oyez Project — read about cases the Court is considering and has already decided, and listen to oral arguments before the Court