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Opposing New Mandatory Minimum Sentences

Current New Mandatory Minimum Legislation

The Problem:  Despite 30 years of evidence showing that mandatory minimum sentences don’t work, members of Congress still often resort to them as a quick-fix “solution” to crime concerns. In reality, these harsh, knee-jerk responses don’t get at the root causes of crime or make Americans safer. FAMM opposes legislation that would create new, additional, or increased mandatory minimum sentences for federal crimes. FAMM opposes all mandatory minimum sentences because they are expensive, fill prisons, threaten federal funding for other effective crime-fighting programs and victims, and produce unjust results. In addition to these defects, mandatory minimum sentences are unnecessary. The federal sentencing guidelines provide judges with guidance to punish crimes and protect the public, but are flexible enough to ensure that sentences fit the crime and the offender. FAMM also opposes the creation of federal mandatory minimum sentences for crimes the states are already policing and punishing themselves.

Solution: Avoid adding, expanding, or increasing mandatory minimum sentences in new legislation.