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FAMM is working in Illinois in 2023. FAMM began working in Illinois in 2021 supporting legislation to advance our national Second Chances Agenda. In the 2021 legislature, we supported successful legislation to create a compassionate release mechanism. FAMM supports expanding parole eligibility in Illinois’s sentencing system for those serving very lengthy sentences. People can change, but Illinois’s current law doesn’t give people a chance to show that they have grown, matured, are not a danger to others, and are ready to return home.

FAMM’s 2023 policy goals are to:

  • Create parole eligibility and/or resentencing opportunities after serving 10, 15, or 20 years in prison for people serving lengthy sentences in Illinois state prisons.
  • Oppose efforts to create or expand mandatory minimum sentences or lengthy time-served requirements.

Read our fact sheet on Second Look in Illinois.

Read why every Illinois lawmaker should #VisitAPrison.

Please contact Shaneva McReynolds at with questions about our Illinois work.

2023 Legislative Work

Latest News:

FAMM’s Shaneva McReynolds testifies before Illinois Resentencing Task Force

Thursday, September 29, 2022

  For Media Inquiries:John Norton, FAMM’s Shaneva McReynolds testifies before Illinois Resentencing Task Force SPRINGFIELD – Dr. Shaneva McReynolds, FAMM Consultant and Advocate, testified today before the Illinois Resentencing Task Force about the importance of providing second chance legislative mechanisms to safely reduce the state’s prison population. “Illinois needs to pass legislation to provide people with life and long sentences … Read More

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