California - FAMM


FAMM began working in California in 2021 to repeal the states mandatory minimums for a number of drug offenses. FAMM supported the successful passage of SB 73 by Sen. Scott Wiener which eliminated mandatory minimums for certain drug offenses while creating a safety valve for others. Read our summary of SB 73 to learn more.

In 2022, FAMM was a co-sponsor of AB 960, which was passed by the legislature and took effect on January 2023. AB 960 has vastly improved California’s Compassionate Release process by streamlining the decision making process, expanding medical eligibility, and ensuring every medically eligible individual receives their day in court. Read a summary of AB 960 here.

In 2023, FAMM will be pursuing reform of the Youth Offender Parole program to provide people sentenced as emerging adults (18 – 25 years old) an opportunity for release earlier in their sentence. Stay tuned for more information on this legislation.

Questions? Contact Daniel Landsman, FAMM’s Deputy Director of Policy, at for more information.