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States Where We Are Working

States across the country are realizing that growing prison populations and costs are the result of adopting mandatory minimum sentencing laws and prison policies that keep people behind bars too long without increasing public safety. In response, states are trying to cut costs and increase public safety by

  • repealing or reforming mandatory minimum laws;
  • allowing increased “earned time” and “good time” credits for prisoners who complete prison programs and follow prison rules;
  • reforming probation and parole practices;
  • using cheaper, more effective alternatives to incarceration;
  • reforming life without parole and “truth in sentencing” laws; and
  • increasing the use of early release for elderly and ill prisoners.

FAMM works on all these issues – and more – in states around the country. Visit the links below to learn about state reforms that are saving taxpayer money without endangering the public, and read our summary of state reforms to see the progress we’ve made so far.

If you have questions about FAMM’s advocacy in the states, please contact Molly Gill, Vice President of Policy, at 202-822-6700 or

Watch a video message from Molly for more information!