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FAMM, Florida Cares Release Statement on Florida DOC Arrests

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FAMM, Florida Cares Release Statement on Florida DOC Arrests

Both groups urged swift action following leaked video of prisoner beating

TALLAHASSEE – FAMM and the advocacy group Florida Cares have issued a statement praising the swift action of the Florida Department of Corrections (DOC), after three officers involved in the beating of a prisoner have been fired and charged with crimes.

Previously, both groups sent a letter to DOC Secretary Mark Inch urging the DOC to investigate the incident.

“The filing of criminal charges and the immediate firing of the employees responsible for the horrific acts caught on video is exactly the kind of leadership we encouraged and expect,” said FAMM President Kevin Ring.

“Families of incarcerated loved ones fear that this sort of event could be swept under the rug or covered up. We thank Secretary Inch for holding his employees accountable.”

Denise Rock, executive director of Florida Cares, said she hopes this move will send a message that prisoner abuse will no longer be tolerated.

“Too many families live in fear for their loved one’s safety while they serve their time,” Rock said, noting that some families fear talking about abuse for fear of retaliation. “Secretary Inch’s swift action gives these families confidence in his leadership. We look forward to helping everyone heal from this event, and hope that the Department will embrace restorative practices to continue promoting a culture of mutual respect between prisoners and FDC employees.”

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