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FAMM works to put a human face on mandatory sentencing laws through our profiles of people serving unjust mandatory prison sentences. We compile these stories by communicating with federal and state prisoners and their family members.

Have you been affected by mandatory sentencing laws? Tell us your story by uploading a short video, audio or written narrative below. (You can also send your story by email to Please use “Share Your Story” in the subject line). No one can tell your story better than you can. Don’t be afraid to open up and share how your loved one’s incarceration has impacted you and your family.

By submitting your story below, you are allowing FAMM to publish your story on our website. Unfortunately we cannot share all of these stories that are submitted or respond individually to all submissions.

Share Your Story

Thank you, your stories matter! We value your stories and appreciate your willingness to share them with us. FAMM uses stories in our education and advocacy work in order to show lawmakers and the general public the human costs of mandatory sentencing laws.

Please note: FAMM cannot provide legal help. Sharing your story does not mean that it will appear on our website, or that you will receive media attention. Thank you for sharing your story and for supporting FAMM in the effort for sentences that fit and justice that works!