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At FAMM, we know the most effective tool we have to work for change is your voice.

Look up your legislators below, then check out our current action alerts to see how you can use your voice to affect change for people in prison and their loved ones.

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    General Actions

    We Demand Better

    #WeDemandBetter Social Media Action

    We need as many people as possible to tweet their lawmakers #WeDemandBetter in solidarity with our incarcerated friends, family, and neighbors.

    Protect Our Incarcerated Loved Ones from a Coronavirus Outbreak

    There are more than 10,000 people in federal prisons alone who are over 60 years old. Help us make a difference by contacting your state and federal legislators today!

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    Add your name in support of FAMM's Second Chances Agenda

    It's time our sentencing laws recognize people's capacity to change, and their readiness to come home and contribute positively to our communities.

    Take Action to End Mandatory Minimums in Your State!

    Email your state lawmakers and tell them to oppose mandatory minimum sentences and reform or get rid of the ones we currently have. 

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    Support Independent Prison Oversight in Your State!

    Help us make prisons more transparent and accountable by asking your lawmakers to create and support independent prison oversight. 

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    Support Compassionate Release in Your State!

    Email your state lawmakers and urge them to improve your state's compassionate release laws to send elderly and ill people in prison home! 

    Federal Policy

    It's Time to #EndTheDisparity

    Crack and powder cocaine are the same drug, but people get very different sentences for them. It's time to end unfair punishments for crack cocaine offenses. 

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    Support Independent Oversight of Federal Prisons

    Urge your lawmakers to support oversight of the federal Bureau of Prisons!

    State Policy


    Demand Independent Oversight and End Violence Against Women in Florida Prisons!

    Help us improve Florida's prisons by urging your state lawmakers to create an independent body that can prevent the next Lowell before it happens again! 

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    Support Second Chances for Florida

    Urge your legislators to support the Second Chances Agenda today! 

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    Support Second Chances in Pennsylvania!

    People change. A second chance can bring them home. 

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    No New Mandatory Minimums in Pennsylvania

    Email your Pennsylvania state senator and tell them you don't support mandatory minimums, and they shouldn't either.


    Urge the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons to Expand Clemency

    The Board of Pardons should expand those opportunities to more people who have demonstrated readiness to return home.


    Tweet the Pennsylvania Legislature in Support of Second Chances

    Tell your lawmakers why they should support #SecondChances in Pennsylvania!


    Demand Humane Temperatures for Texas Prisoners

    Connect with your lawmakers and tell them TDCJ facilities need proper air ventilation and air-conditioning. 


    Support Second Chances in Illinois!

    Tell your lawmakers in the Illinois legislature to pass HB 2399/SB 2333 during the veto session and ensure that people in Illinois prisons have a chance for freedom after serving 20 years.

    Multiple States

    End the Crack Sentencing Disparity

    Contact your lawmakers today to encourage them to end the disparity and finally treat crack and powder cocaine equally in your state's sentencing laws.

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    New Mexico

    Support Second Chances in New Mexico

    Ask your Senators to make New Mexico the next state to give second chances to people who committed crimes long ago as children! 

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    Tennessee: Vote NO on Three Strikes Law!

    Tell your Tennessee state lawmakers today that you don't support three strikes laws and don't want to pay for a new prison.