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FAMM releases statement on DOJ’s decision to drop Mack Appeal

Rabiah Burks, 202-822-6700

FAMM releases statement on DOJ’s decision to drop Mack Appeal

WASHINGTON – FAMM President Kevin Ring hailed the U.S. Department of Justice’s decision to drop its appeal of the First Step Act release of Jesse Opher, Hassan Hawkins, and Rodney and Ronald Mack.

“We are so happy for these guys,” Ring said. “They have lived with a cloud over the heads for a year and a half, and now they can finally move forward with their lives. We raised this case among others with the Biden transition team as an appeal that should be dropped right away. It would have been cruel and unjust it would be to send these guys back.”

The four men had each served nearly 20 years before being released in November 2019 under the First Step Act’s retroactive crack cocaine sentencing reform. However, after their release, the U.S. Attorney’s Office of New Jersey filed an appeal to send them back to prison. They were among several people across the country facing attempts made by DOJ to appeal First Step Act releases since the passage of the bill.

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