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FAMM releases statement on passage of Oregon second look bill

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FAMM releases statement on passage of Oregon second look bill

SALEM – FAMM President Kevin Ring issued the following statement after the Oregon legislature today approved a bill creating opportunities for prosecutors to take a second look at previously issued sentences or convictions.

“Second look laws don’t let everyone out of prison, but they do stop us from throwing everyone away,” Ring said. “Excessive sentences do not make Oregon safer. We’re hopeful district attorneys in Oregon will take advantage of this new law to give people a second look.”

The bill allows a district attorney and incarcerated individual to jointly petition the court for re-sentencing at any time after sentencing and allows the sentencing court to reconsider the defendant’s conviction or sentence if the court finds the original punishment “no longer advances the interest of justice.” FAMM submitted testimony in favor of this bill in Oregon House of Representatives’ Committee on Judiciary.

FAMM announced a second chances campaign in 2020, urging all states to create opportunities to reconsider unjust sentences, expand opportunities for compassionate release and expand clemency.

For nearly three decades, FAMM has united the voices of affected families, the formerly incarcerated, and a range of stakeholders and advocates to fight for a more fair and effective justice system. FAMM’s focus on ending a one-size-fits-all punishment structure has led to reforms to sentencing and prison policies at the state and federal level and is paving the way to programs that support rehabilitation for the 94% of all prisoners who will return to our neighborhoods one day.


FAMM is a national nonpartisan advocacy organization that promotes fair and effective criminal justice policies that safeguard taxpayer dollars and keep our communities safe. Founded in 1991, FAMM is helping transform America’s criminal justice system by uniting the voices of impacted families and individuals and elevating the issues all across the country.