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FAMM Praises the U.S. House of Representatives for Passing the FIRST STEP Act

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Press release

FAMM Praises the U.S. House of Representatives for Passing the FIRST STEP Act

Washington, DC – FAMM President Kevin Ring praised the U.S. House of Representatives for passing the FIRST STEP Act, H.R. 5682, sponsored by Reps. Doug Collins (R-GA) and Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY). The bill was approved by a vote of 360 to 59.

“We are grateful that so many members of Congress from both parties voted to reform our federal prisons,” said Ring. “More than 180,000 prisoners and their families would benefit from the bill’s modest but meaningful reforms. We applaud Reps. Collins and Jeffries for their hard work and commitment to this effort.

“This bill isn’t everything we wanted, but it is something – and for the tens of thousands of families we talk to every week, something is better than nothing. Especially when that something is a mom or dad who comes home a little sooner or a child who is close enough to visit more often,” Ring said.

The bill includes reforms such as increased good time credit, compassionate release reform, keeping federal prisoners within 500 driving miles of their loved ones, expanded use of home confinement, and additional funding for recidivism-reducing programming in prisons. These policies have the potential to positively impact 183,000 people in federal prison and their families.

Last Friday, May 18, Ring attended a prison reform summit at the White House. At the summit, President Donald Trump urged Congress to pass a criminal justice reform bill and said he would sign it. Last year, FAMM published a first-of-its-kind report on federal prisons, which included a handful of recommendations that were incorporated into the FIRST STEP Act.

Read a full description of the bill here. Read the text of the bill here.

FAMM is a nonpartisan, national advocacy organization that promotes fair and effective criminal justice reforms to make our communities safe. Founded in 1991, FAMM promotes change by raising the voices of families and individuals who are directly affected by counterproductive sentencing and prison policies.  

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