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FAMM Praises Louisiana for Repeal of Mandatory Minimums

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FAMM Praises Louisiana for
Repeal of Mandatory Minimums

WASHINGTON– Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM) today commended Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards for signing into law SB 220, which repeals most of Louisiana’s mandatory minimum drug sentencing laws. The bill is a significant component of a larger criminal justice package that passed through the Louisiana legislature this session.

“We are excited to see Gov. Edwards and Louisiana lawmakers cast aside failed approaches of the past and put public safety first,” said Kevin Ring, president of FAMM. “Repealing mandatory minimums is good for taxpayers, families, and communities. Everyone who worked on these reforms should be proud.”

FAMM recognizes the hard work of various groups involved in moving the bill forward, including the Pew Charitable Trust, Louisianans for Prison Alternatives, Voices of the Experienced (VOTE), Right on Crime, Louisiana Family Forum, Louisiana Conference of Catholic Bishops, and the Louisiana Association of Business & Industry, who were all instrumental in passing the bill.

Louisiana’s move away from mandatory minimum drug sentences reflects a growing trend among states.

“Dozens of states, both red and blue, have reformed or repealed their mandatory minimum drug sentencing laws over the past 15 years. Louisiana, which had the dubious distinction of being the biggest jailer in the country, has now joined the consensus that one-size-fits-all drug sentences are ineffective and inefficient,” Ring said.

“If blood-red Louisiana can do it, every state can do it.”

FAMM, which celebrated its 25th anniversary last year, promotes commonsense sentencing and prison policies that increase public safety.


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