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FAMM Lifer Commuted by President Obama Today

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TIMOTHYLTYLERcolorcorrectedToday, President Obama commuted the prison terms of 111 prisoners. Among their number are 35 who had been sentenced to life in prison for their drug crimes. Tim Tyler was sentenced to a mandatory life sentence in federal prison for selling LSD while traveling around the country following the Grateful Dead. He was 25 years old when he was sentenced and has spent the last 22 years behind bars.

“We are thrilled, that Tim Tyler is among them. Mandatory sentences, and especially mandatory life sentences for non-violent offenses, should be abandoned once and for all. We applaud the President for using the clemency power to free people who fully expected to die in prison and for shining a light on the excesses of federal drug sentencing,” said FAMM President Julie Stewart.


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