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Share Your Story

To get people to really understand something,
tell them a story.

FAMM has always known this to be true. Stories of real people — prisoners, families with loved ones locked up, returning citizens — most clearly show the problems with bad sentencing and prison policies. These stories are what we use to get lawmakers to listen, and to educate the general public.

No one will truly understand why we need criminal justice reform unless you tell them what you know. Have you been affected by harsh sentencing laws or outdated and unjust prison policies? Can you relate to the stories already on our site and have one of your own? If so, there are two actions you can take:

Come to a FAMM Storytelling Workshop

These are small gatherings of people all in the same boat, where you’ll learn how to tell your story to make change happen. It’s a place where you will learn to speak up, be heard, and shatter some stigmas about your situation. You’ll learn how to tell a story that makes lawmakers listen — and makes reform a reality. Don’t be shy! Please check our Facebook page for information about upcoming Storytelling Workshops, or email to find out when we’ll be hosting one in your area. And if we hear from enough people all in the same area, we’ll try to come to you. Let’s tell stories together, get help, and make change!

Storytelling Workshop

Share Your Story With FAMM

Another way to share your story is to share it directly with us. We receive many stories every year, and the more we have, the better-informed we are in our work. Please share your story with us through this form. We are listening! And we couldn’t do our work without your stories.

“Reform belongs to the storytellers. Our stories reveal darkness, move mountains, demand change. There is a storyteller inside of you. Speak up. Be a storyteller. Reform depends on it.” — Ann Espuelas, Director of Family Outreach and Storytelling