Dozens dressed in turkey costumes, impacted family members to gather in Lafayette Square to encourage President Biden to pardon people, not just turkeys - FAMM


Dozens dressed in turkey costumes, impacted family members to gather in Lafayette Square to encourage President Biden to pardon people, not just turkeys

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Dozens dressed in turkey costumes, impacted family members to gather in Lafayette Square to encourage President Biden to pardon people, not just turkeys

Representatives from FAMM, Color of Change, Dream Corps Justice, and Justice Action Network others to protest dressed in turkey costumes


WASHINGTON – On Friday, President Biden will issue the first pardons of his presidency in the Rose Garden— not to a human, but to two turkeys from Indiana.

From 1-3 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 23, dozens of people will be gathering in Lafayette Square to encourage Biden to extend the same grace to the many deserving people on CARES Act Home Confinement, and in America’s prisons.

“Our message is simple: Pardon people, not turkeys,” said Kevin Ring, FAMM president. “Thousands of people on home confinement and their families have been waiting for months for the president to act. They are scared to death that they might be forced back to prison soon. Given their anxiety and concerns, we think it’s obscene that the president’s first use of his clemency authority is for a couple of turkeys.”

The protestors will include people whose loved ones face re-incarceration if Biden doesn’t act, as well as people dressed in turkey costumes to highlight the absurdity of putting the welfare of turkeys before people. The protest is being coordinated by FAMM, Color of Change, Dream Corps Justice and Justice Action Network.

“Joe Biden campaigned on reforming our justice system and reducing incarceration, so it’s a shame it takes human turkeys to get the attention of his Administration,” said Holly Harris, President and Executive Director of the Justice Action Network. “The men and women placed on home confinement have demonstrated they can safely complete their sentences at home; they’ve found jobs, reconnected with their children, gone back to school, and contributed to the recovery of our communities.

“They deserve to celebrate Thanksgiving with their families without worrying this may be their last holiday at home. In the spirit of the season, we urge President Biden to issue pardons to people on home confinement, and extend the same grace to impacted families that he has shown to two turkeys.”

For months, advocacy organizations including FAMM, Justice Action Network, Color of Change, DreamCorps Justice and more have asked the Biden Administration to grant clemency to the thousands of people on CARES Act Home Confinement. People sent home under the CARES Act were not told that they might have to return to prison.

“The families and the communities they live in have come to rely on the contributions of thousands of Cares Act recipients who are currently serving on home confinement,” said Kandia Milton, Policy Director at Dream Corps Justice. “A pardon will keep them home and provide stability to families and benefits to communities.”

This protest in response to the inaction of the Department of Justice (DOJ) to rescind the Jan. 15 Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) Home Confinement Memo and recent news reports suggesting the Biden administration’s legal advisors are wary of using clemency authority.

During a hearing before the U.S. Senate Judiciary hearing last month, however, Garland said the OLC memo was still under review. Days later, a federal prosecutor said the attorney general was “revising” the memo, citing a news story about Garland’s testimony.

Thousands of people currently on CARES Act home confinement are deeply confused and are waiting for a decision on whether or not they will be sent back to prison.

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