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FAMM’s Accomplishments

More than 500,000 Americans have received shorter, fairer prison sentences because of FAMM’s work. This success has not only reduced unnecessary suffering for incarcerated people, but also for the innocent family members who had to serve the sentence along with their incarcerated loved one.

Specifically, since 1991, FAMM helped secure some of the most important sentencing reforms at the federal and state level, including:

  • Enactment of the federal legislation to reform sentencing and prison policies, including the 1994 drug sentencing safety valve, the Fair Sentencing Act, and the First Step Act of 2018;
  • Repeal or reform of drug mandatory minimum sentences in several states, including Michigan, Massachusetts, Florida, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Missouri, Georgia, and Iowa;
  • Several improvements to the federal sentencing guidelines to reduce the severity of punishments for low-level drug offenses, including changes to the crack guidelines in 2009 and the all-drugs-minus-two reform of 2014; and
  • Successful advocacy at the US Supreme Court in several major cases, including Booker v. United States, which returned significant sentencing authority to judges.

FAMM’s successful efforts to reform racially discriminatory sentencing laws, including the crack-powder cocaine disparity and drug-free school zone laws, have helped to reduce racial disparity in our nation’s prisons.