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Who Can I Call?

Who can I call in my darkest moments
Numb from the pain, head thumping, and my heart swollen
Envisioning me with kids and a loyal wife, but is that life for me really chosen
I pray to God that it is, cause that’s the only thing that’ll keep me focused

In my bible on the daily trying to find the right potion
Laying up at night with my eyes open, steady hopin
That I can break free from imprisonment, because it’s taking a toll on me
Refusing to pour out my emotions so I remain unspoken

Unspoken, unspoken, unspoken; Who can I talk to?
You said that you love me but deny my call ever time that I call you
Feeling all alone in this world, waiting on my blessings to fall through
As soon as I get my riches, I bet that’s when you want me to call you

But I refuse to let my fingers dial your number
I’m better off without you, at least now I can enjoy a peaceful slumber
A lot more patient and a whole lot more humble
This pain that i’m feeling has made me a lot more stronger

Who can I call? Who can I call? It’s definitely not you
But there is one person who I can call, and that’s the one who made you …

— Xavier C.

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