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We Want Justice

“We Want Justice”

By John Bonds

It’s time for everyone to pay attention
I’m talking to congressional leaders, and those in position.

Our leaders told us they would better criminal justice, and prison reform
Nothing has been done, broken promises seem to be the new norm.

Many of our leaders admitted the 1994 crime bill was wrong
They promised to make change, but yet and still, they prolong

Majority of the people effected were Hispanic and Black
It was easy to put us away, but even harder to put us back.

The First Step Act came with a glimpse of hope
Some got relief, while others was hung with the same rope.

The First Step Act quickly came into question
How is change justice, if you leave it to the judge’s discretion?

Many of us was left stuck with the same Penalization
Was it the color of our skin, that left us in this situation?

Nothing about America is supposed to be unfair or flaw
Well what do you call leaving people behind under old unjust law?

How do you get more time for crack, then you do for homicide?
This mass incarceration has to be the new form of genocide.

We have advocates like FAMM joining us in this fight
The vision is clear to see, this situation isn’t right.

We all know “United we stand, and divided we fall”
But where is Equality and Justice for all?

All we hear, no one wants to seem soft on crime
Well how you think we feel about doing this unjust time?

The “Equal Act” sitting in the Senate still
We ask Republicans and Democrat to pass the bill.

Right is right, like wrong is wrong
It’s time Americans put justice where it belong.

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