The Devil's House - FAMM

The Devil’s House

hello to all, my name is timothy h i am currently at Devens Federal Medical Center. it seems that yes prisoners do have worries and fears and dreams. they are supposed to take care of our medical needs and i was diagnosed in December of 2017 to have a bone infection in the right foot. the medical staff chose to continue to work on the outside of the foot with wound care and knowing the mri said i had an infection so the foot was never surgically treated and in December of 2018 the infection had spreaded to my hand. it caused me to have my right hand and part of the infected right foot to be amputated. yes i have worries like how when i do return home how will my family see me. i have five children and 2 of them are 6 & 5 YEARS OLD. When daddy left home he had two hands but now i worry what effect will it have on them, or what will i do for a living. its things like this that keep me up at night. life in a federal prison is not club fed or what you may see on TV. its a lot of being ignored at times and a lot of putting you off hoping you will give up and just go away. just this past week i went to sick call to see about my nose bleeds and my back and leg pains. they saw me but did nothing to help either medical problem, because my provider was not here on Friday. there were other doctors and physician assistants but as the nurse told me we will get you in, in the next couple of weeks. being an inmate in the federal BOP is not club fed. some of the inmates like to call it devens the devils house, things are not what some people believe. federal prison is truly hell. i will have more to come thank you for your time.

— Timothy H.

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