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The Book

I was in the SHU. I would read books all day, even the most boring books. I would read 8-12 hours a day trying to tired myself out, I could read all day and not get tired. One day I had read everything I had to read and book cart was not coming till the next week. So I had a Bible and I opened it up and started at book one Gneisses [sp] chapter 1. I had read 3 pages when I became really tired and started to get unnaturally sleepy. Then it hit me GOD Is real JESUS is Real The Bible is real and there is an invisible force trying to keep me out of that book.

How could I read any and all other books and not become tired but when I pick The Bible up it puts me out. This really Scared me, The Devil will do all he can to keep you out of that book. Try to read it yourself you will see, you will become tired , confused , the phone will ring , Someone will distract you . I am 39 years old I have surrendered my life to GOD and Accepted Christ as my savior ,I have been saved for 2 years now , I am not someone playing around i was never religious and I was not a believer. GOD opened my eyes for some reason. Please take the time to notice him If he loves me enough to reveal himself to me he is trying to do the same with you. You must open your eyes and ears, He wants you to WAKE UP look past the things of this world all the distractions, He is waiting for you. I don’t know you but i care for you. Don’t let the sun go down without accepting him into your life. (JOB 33:28) — Fred B.

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