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The Book That Kept Me Going – A Story of Hope

Illusions — Tales of a Reluctant Messiah — Written by Richard Bach

A book came in the Mail Call and was given to me as a gift. I read the book and it really took my breath away. The book was good, very good actually. But most importantly and even better yet, it got me to think, to really think. To think about me and how my life was far from over. I saw a ray of hope again after seeing no hope for a decent future for so long. This was a book of optimism, of hope, of peace and calm, something that helped me see that there is life after all of this here in prison. It made me reflect and realize that I still have a possible future of hope and happiness that is still totally possible when I get out of here and return to the “real world”.  It helped me understand and start planning for my eventual return to society as a positive, upbeat, and forward thinking man, not bitter or disillusioned. I gave the book to another inmate who I thought needed this message. The person who originally bought the book for me purchased another copy and said that this is exactly what the book was for.

— Danny D.

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