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The Best Idea of the Year

I remember when I won second place in the world for the best idea of the year. An airship that cleaned smog. It was on ABC news in L.A., and many magazine articles, it even made it to Euro TV. The airship passed studies at Cal Poly [the same labs the Space Shuttle went through] and the US Army Labs. Then I came to prison.

After 9/11 I redesigned the airship to counteract a dirty bomb. It then passed review at DARPA. While in prison I designed new models that prevent and put out, massive wildfires. I run a think tank with some brilliant minds here at Terminal Island FCI. I would love to train ex-felons how to build this craft. One design manufactures water out of ambient air, the other desalinizes sea water to quench the thirst of arid brush or to put out fires. We can lift more than any current craft and bring it at 200 mph.

As I watch the California wildfires on TV, some making it to the street my family lives on, I feel very helpless. I wish with all this talk about prison reform that I could be given a chance to go to home confinement right now to help solve this problem, and save lives and property.

The new First Step Act allows me to leave in 3.5 years but under the Extraordinary Circumstance clause, the BOP, the AG, or the White House can allow me to leave now. Where I can start work, bring jobs and revenues to California. I’ve been a model inmate for 20 years, I’m 64 and a first time offender, a former pastor who fed the hungry of L.A., housed the homeless and detoxed addicts at my own home from 1984 to 1999. I had a church in Chatsworth, and a bible college and teen outreach.

Over 300 Christian organizations with 14 million members and 30,000 ministers are asking for my release. Can you imagine if it were an inmate that solved the wildfire problem? What would it say about our potential?

I have taught over 200 inmates to live good productive legal lives. My graduates have a less than 2% recidivism rate of return. But, without social media, it is impossible for me to get this message to the U.S. representatives who can help make this project come to their community, by speaking to the powers that be.  See  To see the invention.

Charles Firestone invented vulcanized rubber while in prison, I remember when prisoners were thought of as human beings that could be helped. A successful project like this could help start a new paradigm of allowing inmates to be the solution to society’s problems instead of the cause, but what will you do to help?

When I write the U.S. congress people and senators, we never get an answer. This invention can bring massive jobs and revenues to the area that helps bring it there. How can an inmate get the residents to promote this kind of thing? I remember when our representatives were reachable, but, if the cries of 14 million constituents won’t reach them, what will?

Let’s save lives and property, let’s bring jobs and revenues, let’s show prisoners can do big things and that we have great potential. Let us work side by side with you in the free world to prove ourselves. Especially those of us who have been model inmates for decades and first time offenders that might have unjust cases, or outrageous sentences. I was offered 2 years to plead guilty and went to trial with an unscrupulous attorney and got 41 years!

There are many people here who can make a difference and long for a chance to prove themselves. Who are willing to work and help others and have a second chance at freedom even while being under restriction, home confinement is still being in BOP custody, please help if you can.

— Dino G.

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