Stand up Count 4 and 10 – FAMM

Stand up Count 4 and 10

All my bunkies and me in all the units F4,F2 and F3. We can’t forget F1 where our friendships have made us all come together as one.

There is Rhonda, who I am so fond of and Sara, who makes everything clearer.

Trish is such a dish and Tina you’d love her if you’d seen her.

We’re in all our spaces with bright shiny faces waiting to be counted even though the FBOP has tried so hard to discount us all.

All of us once full of grace has somehow fallen from that place but someday with God’s favor to savor. Will all learn to re-earn but never fear even though we are away from the show for a short while.

We will rise up as Pheonixes in style.

One praying and when the officer whether him or her said Clearly was heard a strong and proud Amen was heard aloud.

Oh and did I forget to mention two stood up straight and at attention.

We began to disperse to go our separate ways just to come together again to be counted at ten……

— Kathryn G.

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