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Soup, Sara Lee, and Being Yourself

In one spot I was called “Sara Lee” as in “Nobody Does It Like Sara Lee” because I made a soup that was LIKE THAT!

The soup was Capitol Bean Soup. My uncle used to work as a cook in the U.S. Capitol Kitchen where it was required by law for Capitol Bean Soup to be served daily. My mama used to cook it for us as I was coming up, where I learned to make it. It was made with navy beans, carrots, celery, onions, garlic powder or garlic salt, pepper & a few other spices. I always used corn starch so it would thicken. I do not like my soups to be, well, soupy (runny). I like the nickname “Sara Lee.” I used to not let a lot of people know of this nickname as I have been in some pretty rough spots during my incarceration where I could not be open about myself — if you know what I mean — but now quite a few people actually call me Sara Lee. But mostly I am still called Johnny Lee. Once again thanks for allowing us to express ourselves through the stories & poems. I am still working on some of the other prompts. Take care!  Sara Lee!

— Johnny L.

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