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Some Short But True Things to Know

On July 9th I turned 53 and can finally say that this will be my last year in prison concerning this sentence. Since 1986 I might have been out in the Free world 10 months time. In 86-89 it was two back to back 52 week sentences in the Orlando county jail, then 7 and a half in the Florida D.O.C. where I was released April 1st 1997 (Re-arrested Aug, 23, 97). Back in 97 all I really just wanted was a job and a place to stay which I thought would be easy since I had skills — welder, construction, cook, etc. but was soon to find out back then that if you were an ex-felon then you had nothing coming.

So I made a very bad decision of walking into a bank, taking $$, and then walking away which started the bank Spree that dubbed me the Interstate-four bandit bank robber. I was lucky at trial and beat 105 mandatory years, but was still sentenced to 27 years.

I’m hearing that things have changed out there when it comes to finding work which I hope is true because now I’m also a Certified Universal HVAC Tech to go along with my other skill sets.

What have I learned in the past 22 years in federal prison? Here are some short but true things the outside world may, or may not know.

  1. The B.O.P. does everything backwards. If there is a right way to do something, the B.O.P. will invent the wrong way if there isn’t one made up for any given situation yet to be
  2. Politics in the B.O.P. are worse than that of a high school, and a lot more
  3. Fraud happens every single day in the O.P. and it’s a way of life for Administrators, and Supervisors.
  4. You have nothing coming, and will be lucky to get the basics. Shoot, here at F.C.I. Beaumont they don’t even give out Inmate handbooks so the new guys know the rules to follow. (Have not since 12-12-18)
  5. In prosperity our friends know us, but in adversity we know our friends. When you’re no longer around, people tend to forget about

These are just some of the things which you should already know. And I will be sending more later. I have some real interesting stories that you just don’t hear about the B.O.P. and its operations.

What is the Internet? I’ve never had a Starbucks cup of Coffee, is it really as good as they say? I’ve missed so much in my life I can’t wrap my head around freedom anymore.

— David R.

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