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Scared to Be Alone

Finally facing my biggest fears… Scared to be alone for so many years. God set me down to pay the way, He said that I’ve been waiting for you to come to me any day. I was so glad that you shine some light on me so i got down to pray saying, please help me. He said, only if you stay. So i ask him, what can i do to pay my way. Just be a servant to me, is what he say. So i ask him why have you sent me through so much pain & suffering. He said … Every time i ask you to come to me you act as if you was ashamed, so before i give you the sun i had to let you see the rain. I thank you for opening up my eyes so i can see who was my true enemy when all the time it was me. He said, you finally realize and became a man, now you know where you stand… Now i shall walk a straight path on your land.. He said, son just have faith in me and you shell receive ever lasting Eternity……..

— Dietrich B.

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