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Savage Feud

Here’s a piece I wrote referencing my inner struggle to be a man of magnanimity and rectitude:

Savage Feud

War! That’s as best as I can explain it.
A ravenous, savage feud seeking the soul’s
attainment. Knowing right from wrong is due to vast

Our traits and virtues mirrored by the regime of our

I don’t believe I’m apt to reveal the present version of me.
The past? Easy, or I could make mention of the me I’d like to be.

Past: Well fed, brain dead, savvy in the street, killed for my meat.
Future: Rational read, dying breed, morally conscious, copiously cautious.

Morality is not only an active practice, but a train of
thought. A sinister mindset will, inevitably, lead to
action of fraught.

Desperately I seek enlightenment, metamorphosis of
the mind. My actions have changed yet iniquitous
thoughts are left behind.

I’ve adapted to be better thus far, of that I am
sure. Me today; good enough, up to par? I
cannot concur.

The road to reason is paved by the voyager’s
depiction. The tree of enlightenment sprouts from
the root of affliction.

Throughout life the pain I acquire, I will graciously
endure. Confidant the change I desire, I will
eventually procure.

War! That’s as best I can seem to explain.
A battle between righteousness and ruin engulfed in pain.

P.S. Yes, change is indubitably a war within, yet some battles are worth fighting.

— Anthony L.

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