hello famm this here is a poem titled (PRISON)

When I got sentenced and i first arrived in prison,
i was stressed out with an ILL complex,
thinking about all the wrong things,
so it left my mind perplexed

My only focus was on men/women who left me for dead,
ignoring the fact that i had family and some friends showing me love and telling me to hold my head
I used to walk the yard with deep thoughts that hurted my heart,
many nights I was up late just staring at walls,
zoning real hard reminiscing about my climbs to the top,
not once anticipating this fall

Prison life is where you hear alot of guys tell all kinds of lies
but every man is what he is because of the dominating thoughts which he permits to occupy his mind,
and if they consider you to be cool or a move maker,
the haters will despise

Visits every week had me thinking of home,
late night r&b music will have you stuck in a good zone

In prison, everyday the c/o’s want to be tough
ice grilling/walking hard but their tactics are really a bluff
The officer chicks might smile, flirt, and peep you out,
but guys will cock block and the cops watch and try to figure out your clout and what you about

There’s many things that occur in this here barb-wire stockade where I’M CONFINED,
FOUL STUFF that takes place on a daily basis that will blow your mind,
but its all how you want your jail time designed

I choose my freedom and will cherish it well the day i’m finally released
I’m tired of living like a savage so I WILL NO LONGER HONOR THE BEAST.

— Victor L.

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