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Prayer for Pardon

My heavenly Father, God of the Most High, Creator of Earth please heareth my cry.

You are the ruler in the Kingdom of man. The heart of the President rest in your hand.

What words shall I write that can reach Trump’s ear? Help me be eloquent and speak with no fear.

I know of no lobbyist or lawyers who cares, no Hollywood model or basketball players.

Send an Advocate forward to carry me out, I’m a changed man who’s drunk from the fount.

I acknowledge my guilt; I declare my regret. I’ve pointed no fingers, as I pay on this debt.

No excuses of youth, broken home, or addicted; drugs crush the community, I’m ashamed I inflicted.

With that out of the way, I must boldly speak real. The system is broken, NO PAROLE to appeal.

There’s no second chance, no way to explain. No way to restore, or reasons to change.

Fourteen years served and I feel the effects. Just a street level dealer with no Cartel connects.

Fourteen years served and the end isn’t near. The punishment for MURDER is just as severe.

There’s plenty of death and plenty to fight. I can end it all today with a sheet tied tight.

These are the choice 45, I had to decide. Do I succumb to the dark or reach for the light?

I fought the depression many days I had woe. I hid in the secret place under His shadow.

Two souls on this earth that I must make amends; my son and my mother, who I’m dying to kiss.

Only you can help me, You and you alone. Help me, have Mercy, before my mother’s called home.

I’ll cry out day and night till my face turns blue. And pray that in my persistence, I don’t weary you.

So many have changed forgotten amongst us. Use the Power of Pardon to combat this injustice.

I love this great country in spite of the system. The “PREROGATIVE OF MERCY” was a Royal Tradition.

Washington used the pardon in 1794. “Humanity and Good Policy”, Hamilton swore.

Adams pardoned deserters, Lincoln and Andrews as well. John F. Kennedy brought drug dealers out of this Hell.

With the faith of a mustard seed you CAN TOO!!! I’m deserving of freedom I CAN DO!!!!

— Christopher H.

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