Not a Monster - FAMM

Not a Monster

Fake justice is real,
the feds work together to steal,
the focus of the youth today, no outlook, no morals, no play.

Twenty years for some dope,
the prosecutor lied, the
DA laughed, what a joke.

Being in prison
took my years, no
family support, no
drama, and no
more tears,

I feel betrayed in every way,
how could I go back and replay that day?

The judge took my life without hope,
The fact that they claimed it to be ghost dope.

The matter is I
can’t reclaim,
my life before is
The lies, the hurt and pain.

I pray the
world can heal, I’m
human like
not a monster,
I’m covered up I can’t reveal.

I know that soon will be the day,
The sentencing reform can pave prisoners’ way,

The law holds a force that has a truce, what man has formed can also be reduced!

— Rojonah H.

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