My Queen – FAMM

My Queen

Once offered to write a poem — from the feelings I’ve gotten — about just one letter — that made me feel better

so as I’ve sat so long without one — i had to dig deep and pull out the big guns — this time around the letters I’ve seen — have come from a goddess you might say the queen — she’s lived through the struggle — that’s been told yet remains unseen — histories taught me that things aren’t always what they seem — the mother of virtues and the harmonies of life — yup that’s my mom — who’s held me

down tight — right when I’m wrong — when its dark she’s the light — to keep me on the path set by Christ — down from Missouri

to help this man through his pain — she claimed me when abandoned as a child by my farm — chose to stick by me — insane as i was — came up in Chicago — a musical thug — love were her tenets, tolerance a trade — lost to the system — was close to the grave — truth an salvation has cut all those binds — i love when a letter — from her comes as a blessing in lines, felt through these eyes, no lies.  thanks ma!

— from Steven D.B., may the love in the universe be with you all!

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