Miss A List – FAMM

Miss A List

From this requiem, Establish if you can a separation

From the line of – spiritual- Divine- or Magical- Human

We spend Unblemished Satirical Time
So subliminal-

We’re fine too find the Hysterical

Traced through light years even Nautical

Collisions- Inevitable- Catastrophic-Delectable

Some how touching Soul and Mind
Our experience is Tropical
Moonlit Erotic Gambol
Our delicious warm bodies, while blending becoming Deliquesce

Your eyes shine and Twinkle-
Why deny this Nisus
From this thesis-We promote
Essential practice

One must be coy, Use Cloak and Dagger
To cajole, carouse, and consummate.
When surrounded by cactus,
Quietly, Silently, Meet me on pay day
In the Secret coves of Tierra Del Fuego
I swear by whispers I hear,
Filled with romantic cliches.
To our opulent Oasis soon will sail and stay.

May the love of the Universe be with you and Enrich you always

— Steven D.

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