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Memories, Don’t Go

It’s 4 am and I can’t sleep
You’re all that I can think about
Thinkin’ bout the times we shared
Wonderin’ bout when I get out

Good times far outweigh the bad
I know that we were meant to be
You changed your life, I’m so proud
You’re all my best memories

So how did I get where I am?
How did I lose sight?
Of what should have mattered most?
Of everything that was right?

Pain sometimes unbearable
When I think of what I’ve lost
My heart’s broken, I wanna cry
Realizing what it cost

My memories are fading
But I keep holding on
My photo album’s thick
So you are never truly gone

Please don’t go, memories!
I’m not done with you
I’ll lock them up in my mind
To browse when I want to

I often wonder if you feel the same?
Trouble remembering?
Do you forget about us?
Or remember everything?

How ‘bout that weekend in Duluth?
How ‘bout the B&B?
A weekend spent on waterslides?
Brought the whole family!

Barbequing all the time
Every moment great
Every drink that we shared
Every crab leg that we ate

Then the most amazing thing!
We had a baby boy
Silas Donald Schlichting
Our lil bundle of joy

Now he is a little man
And I’ve missed so much
Hardly do I hear his voice
Seldom feel his touch

But slowly time ticks on
And patiently I wait
To hold you both again
When I walk out this gate
~~Love You, Leah~~

— Donald S.

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