Me, I'm just like you. - FAMM

Me, I’m just like you.

Me, I’m just like you.
I like peanut butter and jelly and pancakes too!
I have scars on my heart and it occasionally breaks, and I miss my family when I’m so far away.
I grew up in the country way out in the sticks,
my mom and dad were great even though they had split. I love helping others when I have it to give,
all I’ve ever wanted was to be happy and live. life came fast and the economy crashed,
so I did what I could to try and make some cash.

Me, I’m just like you.
I have a father, a son, and a mother too. I bleed red, and I cry tears.
for a non-violent drug charge, I got fifteen years. I knew better than to sell meth, or even cocaine,
but I didn’t know bath salts would be treated the same. I know I did wrong, and I do deserve time,
but one hundred and eighty months doesn’t fit the crime.
my son is three and he doesn’t know his father,
no visits or phone calls, his mother doesn’t bother.
If I’m lucky I’ll see him when I drift off to dream.
that beautiful smile, I bet he looks like me.
I bet he acts like me. I bet he’s just
like me.
Me, I’m just like you.

— Joshua L.

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