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If You Are Broken

If you are at a point in life where you are attempting to heal or your mission is to help others find healing, here is an inspiring book to read.  Title…”Jet Ride to Hell.”  Author…David Hairabedian who was a former Federal inmate and spent years helping others to find peace with snippets of how this system REALLY works.

On a personal level I believe deeply in God’s Grace and forgiveness and I believe everyone can find solace and inspiration in this book.  The book was passed to me to read knowing that I am involved in an on-going hearing for a 2255 motion.  It came at the right time in my life filled with sustaining passages.

This is a must read to reinforce the miraculous power of prayer in our lives in the fence.  If you are broken, sick, or simply searching this is the book for you.

May God Bless

— Elain Y.

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