I remember ... - FAMM

I remember …

Bullfrogs Croakin’
Crickets Chirpin’
Kudzu Growin’

Grits… Eggs running yellow
Mixed with fatback sausage or bacon
with Buttermilk Pancakes
Cathead Biscuits made by Daddy
Chewin’ Red Man

Church on Sundays
Singin’ Hymns
Listenin’ to Sermons

Mama in a House Dress
Fryin’ Chicken
Cuttin’ Watermelon
or Shellin’ Peas

Ridin’ in the boot* going to the Coast
With Grandpa Lee Fishin’
Singin’ Songs in Grandmas lap
No Seatbelts nor Power Steering

Drivin’ a pickup Three on the Tree
or a Put together tractor
Croppin’ Tobacco
or Choppin’ Cotton

Uncle Daddy Tip at the Hoggy Hoggy*
Smoking a cigar
Talkin’ bout women walkin’
Us in the back of the truck
Cuttin’ Up!

Tom & Carol in a one room shack
with an outhouse out back
Rollin’ cigarettes all night
Listenin’ to Top Gun Radio*

Laid out at Rouse*
Sittin’ Up with the Dead
Shoutin’ Funerals
Final Resting Place… Jason*

Volunteer Fire Department
Fightin’ Fires
The Fire Whistle goin’ off
at Eight Noon & Five

Yes I Remember
the days of my youth
Lookin’ for that Blessed Hope
Lookin’ back at what was
Tryin’ to get it back

Stuck in a Prison Cell
with a toilet sink & a bunk
Listening to grown men cry… Silently!
About all they have lost
Yes I Remember!

* Boot = Trunk of a car.. Grandpa’s did not have a lid
* Hoggy Hoggy = Piggly Wiggly.. a chain of grocery stores
* Top Gun Radio = WFMC 730 AM Goldsboro, NC
*Rouse = Rouse Funeral Home LaGrange NC
* Jason = a small community outside LaGrange NC

— Johnny L.

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