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I remember when …

I remember when I was still yours
Before I ever walked these concrete floors
Splashing in the shallows of that cool mountain water
You were gonna be a mother, and I was gonna be a father
I remember those days that we spent in the sun
It’s all I think about when my long days are done

I remember when we used to sing
I was Seether and you, my Amy Lee
“I wanted you to know that I love the way you laugh”
Before we were “Broken,” before we lost all that we had
It’s such a sad story that should never be told
It brings tears to my eyes that I cannot control

I remember when I left that day
You, six months pregnant, what a price to pay
You held yourself together so you could be my rock
You were everything I needed after all the time I got
I hope you found your happy out there on your own
Tell Jackson daddy loves him, one day I’ll be home.

— Joshua L.

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