I Remember, I Try to Remember - FAMM

I Remember, I Try to Remember

I remember,
The possibilities of childhood.

I remember,
The times thinking “I should.”

I remember,
The whirlwind of negativity
That scattered my heart and soul.

I remember,
Moments of happiness
In-between the squall.
They seem small but
It’s because of those times that

I remember,
My true state of mind.
Having removed the blindfold,

I can remember,
What I’ve been told.
Perhaps from lives gone by.
Using my inner eye,
I am no longer afraid of my spirit’s shine.

I remember now,
That my life has meaning.
Even if my heart is still bleeding
I can love myself and share that with anyone else.

I try to remember,
That I will be free.
Wherever I call home,
I’ll look in a mirror and
Think “Remember me?”

— Daniel S.

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