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Hoping and Praying

I am a gentleman that made a mistake, but being in prison 31 years day for day, is sad and outright ridiculous. I never hurt anyone and the crime I am incarcerated for is non-violent low level crack cocaine offense. Many times I ask myself, and pray to God for answers that will one day lead me to freedom. I realize time waits for no one as I sit in my prison cell awaiting for the prison guards to grant me relief after all these years to be with my dear family and friends that love and supported me through this long and horrifying journey. I peep out the window in my cell to see the sun rise in the morning, and close my eyes at night, as many of us often say in prison the only time a man is free in these places is when he’s asleep at night and hoping and praying that he can awaken the following day and his name is called by the prison guards to “pack it up, you been set free.” 31 years, man, is a long time and I plea to all of you don’t jeopardize all of that on the other side of the fence or walls, for a prison cell on this side of the Wall.

— Rufus R.

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