Going Home – FAMM

Going Home

It will soon be at an end my friend
I feel it in my bones, no longer
destitute and alone.
I am Going Home.
I wait now patiently for God to open the
doors to let me out to go back to the family
I left so long ago.
I know they are not the same as on the day I left them alone.
Some have gone and some have grown and we have added some.
But all I will see, cause I’m Going Home…..
There are only 3 other words more precious to me wait I’m wrong.
There are 3 more “You will see”.
I’m ready so God “Lead the way”.
So not only does he say to me “wait and see”.
“I Love You “.
“You are Free”.
All together in those 3 words.
Nothing to me more important to hear “You’re Going Home”…Finally.
We all need to pray “We’re Going Home” soon Someday…..

— Kathy G.

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