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Fried Eggs for Mom

For Mother’s Day 2019 i received an envelope from my son Jared.  Inside this envelope was the most heartfelt card I’ve ever received from my son and family.  For years I’ve been blessed to have strong family support but primarily this support has been my daughter-in-law’s burden.  This has been due to my son’s work and travel over the years.  Well, also due to her continued thoughtfulness.

It’s rare that I ever get correspondence that has any return name on the envelope but Kim’s.  This year this letter arrived with Jared’s name/address.  I was intrigued to find his writing on the envelope!

Upon opening the envelope I found a card with three (3) fried eggs portrayed on it.  The written message of the card said so much about his childhood memories.  We were a busy farm family showing cattle/horses, going to 4-H and attending school activities.  Jared was the youngest but was always the extra pair of hands.  He worked hard to help.  Many of these trips to school and events included a fried egg sandwich and the ever present paper towel wrapping.  Sometimes with cheese and trimmings but mostly with plain mayo.  This great little card and envelope is posted on my locker and makes me smile daily.  Many others have laughed about the card.

The front of the card says, “Because of you I can fry an egg.”  On the inside Jared wrote, “Thought of you Mom when I saw this card with all the egg sandwiches I ate as a kid.”  The entire family signed and for me this exemplifies love and humorous memories.

The arrival of the envelope was such an unexpected arrival from my son.

Thank you for allowing us to submit our thoughts and memories.

— Elain Y.

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