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Drops of Rain

As I look out across the horizon, I see a storm brewing in a distance. The clouds are in an array of colors; dark gray, with a look of boisterous winds; lighter gray, which holds the potential of a down pour.

Then there are those which look as giant cotton calls; the peace and comfort they display despite the things that surround them. In a moment’s notice they are engulfed by the storm itself. It’s getting closer now, the wind is blowing with fierce anger, trees whipping to the left and the right…it shows the pattern of a lost soul, unstable in all its ways. Deceitful is the heart of man.

Through the aching of my bones, I know the temperature has dropped several degrees. Maybe I’m just confused, and my heart is yearning to hold the one I love. Is there really a storm, or is it just the one raging inside of me!

It’s only moments away, so I close my eyes to refocus and gain my composure…I quench the tears once again. I regain strength by re-reading what you had wrote, saying, “Never, ever forget…I love you.”

While thinking of us, I was trying to blink away the tears…and there I saw it on the windowpane, two huge drops of rain. One was for you, the other one was for me. Maybe this was once again the tears I quenched, and the pain was inside of me.

As I followed the two drops of rain, I know that we are in the hand of our Creator, and our life’s journey together had just begun. When I looked out the window, there were different things in our path…I wanted so much to reach out and clear the way before us…but my hand was stopped by Divine Love.

I know those trials are there for a reason, as you stated, “When we are stretched…we become strengthened.” I saw that our journey down the glass was paying its price: storms and obstacles can sometimes suck the life right out of us…and we can become a smear without the other’s help. I look over to see how you’re doing…you’re only a breath away; my heart flutters…I can feel you ever so close, you’re at the tips of my fingers…yet hundreds of miles away.

I heard tell that love can drive a man insane; but God assures me that His eyes are forever upon us…and the Lord is our stay.

I’ve been encouraged about our future while watching the drops of rain. I learned that as they completed their journey, they were strengthened by joining together. If I haven’t told you lately… I will again… “Darlin, I love you.” — Tim F.

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