Club fed? More like club dread – FAMM

Club fed? More like club dread

“This is your local whether on the 8’s. Today high 97 humidity 40% heat index 105/ Over night high 90’s heat index 92”
“Inmates clear the compound, compound closed due to high heat index at 105”

In most low prisons there is no air conditioning. We have to stay in our rooms with no ac when temps exceed 100 degrees with two men sometimes 12 men per room. To go to lunch or dinner we walk in 100 degree heat in Full khaki pants, tee shirt, and khaki shirt. We at Petersburg low in Virginia are now forced to buy sneakers of 60 to 100 dollars to even go to the rec yard. Keep in mind we make no more than 23 cents an hour and phone calls to family are 21 cents a min emails are 5 cents a min to read and another 5 cents to respond. Your mother passes away and you are told in the middle of everyone with 100 other inmates watching you cry and you can’t go to the funeral. Your kids ask why you can’t come home with them. You’re assaulted everyday because everyone thinks you are weak. You miss your family daily. You can’t even go to the bathroom without asking permission.

Sound like a fun club to you? — Paul T.

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