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Book Written From Inside

I highly recommend reading books while in a place that you really have no choice in your surroundings. Here in Prison you are forced to keep your mind working and well-oiled so that a place like this cannot swallow you up or steal your dreams and ideas. So, the book I am recommending is one that is written by a women here right at our facility. She has been writing now for more than 6 years and many of us here at the facility have been reading her manuscripts. She has since gotten her first book published and she credits God and her prayers with this first book being published. She had the book published after deciding she wanted to do something to make people on the outside aware of what is going on “inside”. Everything, we do we need to help reduce mass-incarceration and to help get the proper resources necessary to help the men and women inside to get attention to their story and their cases. The book is called “Saving Grace Spilt’d Injustice.” It is a romantic legal thriller and hopefully the first of a series she is calling the Grace Collection. This book a “page turner,” a way to help not only a new author but to show our men and women in Prison are worthy and valued and not to be “Forgotten Men and Women.

— Kathryn G.

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