A Powerful Woman – FAMM

A Powerful Woman

Honor God and be focused,
Follow my path and my truth.

Hold my head up high,
Earn my rights and my deeds,
Being a Powerful woman,
Without Cuff’s and on my knees.

I’m as strong as they come,
Yes I will brag, it’s true,
keep God as my promise,
He’ll guide my way through.

This Journey is tough,
I can admit that you see,
I’ve experienced hell on Earth,
but it won’t defeat me.

I’ve been raped and abused,
I was hurt without a clue,
came to prison and discovered,
that I was long overdue.

Left my six kids at home,
for my mother to feed
Tortured, Stressed, and alone,
Y’all I’m begging lord please.

Now I’m as reformed as they come,
It was a challenge or two,
Girl, pick yourself up high,
We’re all counting on you.

You’re amazing and strong,
such a wonderful lead,
this prison can’t hold you,
God planted a Virtuous Seed.

— Rojonah H.

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