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A Mother’s Love

We convince ourselves not to worry,
Be a good little kid,
never be in a hurry.

We tell ourselves to never be afraid,
but deep down inside,
a mother’s pride,
is like a game of charades.

From the moment I saw you,
I knew it was true,
The twinkle in your eyes,
was all that I knew.

Don’t be afraid of the dark,
because mommy is near.
I will dry your little eyes,
and cast away your fears.

I will never leave your side,
I’m a phone call away.
But mommy’s in prison now,
I can’t take back this day.

I told you I would hold you,
And it seems like a myth.
I told you not to cry,
and to hold mommy’s kiss.

I told you to be strong,
and I knew it wasn’t true.
I would never abandon,
nor would I forsake you.

I can’t take this back,
and I knew you won’t forget,
Mommy loves you so much,
I know you’re not convinced.

Remember we cried,
when the Dentist took your tooth,
Mommy put money under your pillow,
and said the Fairy found you.

Or the time that Santa,
gave you all of those Gifts,
mommy used her whole paycheck,
knowing we had to pay rent.

It was a lot that I did,
It’s a lot I want to say.
Just know mommy loves you,
and will be home someday,

Hold your head up high,
be focused and be strong,
mommy will hold you in her arms,
just as soon as she gets home!

— Rojonah H.

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