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A Miracle and a Hug

Hi there! My name is Stoney S. and by Gods grace I am writing to you all today to share an encouraging story about what happened to me this past March. Right now I am currently being held at the Federal Medical Center in Butner NC and a couple of my Jobs are ICP (Inmate Companion) and Suicide watch observer. If anyone knows about these two jobs they know that they can be some of the most emotionally draining jobs there are. With that being said after doing these jobs for several months and doing my best to be a blessing to all those I helped care for, by March of this year I could really tell that it was taking a toll on me, not to mention my B-day is in March, my mom who passed away a few months before I was sentenced B-day is in March and my older brother Rocky who practically died in my arms also happened in March. So needless to say I was feeling the pressure of it all one night after I got off work and I just said a little prayer to Jesus under my breath that went something like this: “Jesus I sure could use a hug from someone I love right about now” and then finished doing whatever I was doing and went to bed without giving it another thought. Well praise God, the next morning when I got up I noticed a piece of mail with my name on it sitting on the light in my cell. I don’t know where it came from and at the time I didn’t think to find out but when I opened it up it was a card and on the Front were these words, “Sometimes all you need is great big hug,” and then on the inside it said, “So here is one from me,” love aunt Sis. All I know is that that moment was one of the most profound experiences of my life and if anyone ever says that Gods doesn’t care I would have to say I know better cause He was there for me when I needed Him most. He has also promised not to put more on us than we can bear and some times that may be a lot but He will be there to help us if we will but trust in Him. And remember, His timing is perfect!

Sincerely your humble servant,
Stoney S.

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