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A Hundred Roses

Hello. People often think that prisoners don’t do constructive things with their time or are not aware of the things that people in the outside world sometimes take for granted. Things like looking up at the sun or the moon or at a rainbow after a rainstorm. Or little, but beautiful things like the little yellow and purple flowers that come up in the spring or birds, like geese, as they fly by in formation.

I was tickled to death a few days ago, when I laid on my bed the other day and the sun shone in my face. It took me away and made me feel as if I was outside somewhere laying in a field and soaking up the sun’s rays. I also get to see the sun, the stars, and the moon set, when I lay on my bed and face out the window. It is a beautiful feeling.

I take the time to always look around appreciate the things that God has created for us to enjoy. I have submitted a poem today to show this. The poem is below:

A Hundred Roses

A hundred roses, a colorful explosion in full bloom,
Visible from multiple windows in our TV room.
It was only a week or two ago the flower buds were closed,
But their prolific numbers gave clues to what would soon be disclosed.
A beautiful sight so wonderful to see,
It touches the heart of the gardener in me.
I thank God for these creations of sheer beauty,
To share these experiences has become my unselfish duty.
I’m gonna miss these blooms when they fade away,
But for now, I have a hundred roses I can enjoy today.

Stop and smell the roses is not just a cliche, it should be a mission. Whether we are in prison or in the outside world, we should take time out to enjoy all that God has blessed us to see. Please remember that there are people in the world who CANNOT see at all. Don’t live a life that will be full of regrets later. Take time out to enjoy your life to the fullest NOW. We don’t know how much time we have left on this earth. Let’s learn to love one another and take time out to enjoy each day as if it were our last, because tomorrow is not promised to no one.

— Joseph M.

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